Arno Babajanyan


    In the unlimited Universe one can see the shining star honored to Arno Babajanyan, a great composer and pianist.

      The music created by A. Babajanyan was known all over the world even during the times when he was alive. It was heard not only in the USSR, but also in England, in the USA, Czechoslovakia and many other countries, even in the far Africa. His music became a unique "consul" between nations and people. It is modern nowadays also.

Arno Babajanyan`s music is deeply national. As composer once mentioned: “Whatever I write, it becomes Armenian”. For sure his music is the harmony of national and classical art. 

Philosophy of the works of Arno Babajanyan, also rich inner world, dynamism of  musical language, the use of stylistic tendencies and principles of the 20th century, as well as national basis of musical language, made his works valuable not only for Armenians but also for international musical culture.

There was a great connection between his childhood and youth and the capital of Armenia, Yerevan. Vivid musical abilities, musical family and meeting with young Aram Khachaturian played decisive role for his future profession.

The future composer made his first musical steps in Yerevan, first at the music school, then at Yerevan State Conservatory (Ev. Khosrovyan - piano, V. Talyan - composition), and then he studied at the Moscow Gnessin State Musical College and later at the Conservatory, in the piano department (K. Igumnov). At the same time he also attended courses of composition at the Armenian Culture House in Moscow (H. Litinsky, N. Peyko and D. Rogal-Levitsky).

The composer lived and worked in Yerevan and Moscow. At the late 1950s, mostly residing in Moscow, he spent several months in Yerevan, every year. Later he joked “I live in Yerevan, but stay in Moscow”

He was succeeded not only as a pianist but also as a composer. “It is fortune that Arno chose the profession of composer, otherwise the shameful failure will join us, the performers ..." joked well known Soviet pianist Emil Gilels.

A. Babajanyan's musical heritage is immense - "Polyphonic Sonata",  monumental "Heroic Ballad” for piano and orchestra, Trio for piano, Sonata for violin and piano, Concerto for cello, 3rd string quartet dedicated to the memory of D. Shostakovich, "Six pictures" for piano.

The diversity of Arno Babajanyan`s art is amazing. Different music genres go together – classical, pop, music both for cinema and theatre.